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Bend-It! Extravaganza

The Bend-It! Extravaganza, a queer young people's festival with an emphasis on arts, activism, and community, is looking for people interested in putting together the 2006 festival (June 16th-18th).  A wide variety of positions are open and organizers can be compensated with community service hours, school credit (occupational ed), or monetary stipends.

Evening coordinators - Each evening of the festival has a specific arts-based focus.  Traditionally, Friday night has been music, Saturday is dance/fashion, and Sunday is spoken word.  There is a point person for each night.  These people are responsible for curating artists, booking a venue, any special advertising, and taking care logistics concerning artists.

Workshop Extraordinaire - Workshops will be featured on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The curricula offered reflects the goals of Bend-It! with a blend of popular education and art.  The Extraordinaire will go over previous workshop schedules and feedback, solicit new ideas and contacts, contact and schedule presenters, and develop a time table for the weekend's workshop. 

Outreach and Publicity Director - This person will be coordinating outreach efforts (presentations, promotional materials) to groups of queer young people throughout the Northwest.  They will also be responsible for developing and coordinating the distribution of publicity materials such as press releases and posters and managing media connections.  This person must have great communication skills and related experience is preferred.

Volunteer Coordination - One of our expansion goals for this year is to develop and maintain an active volunteer base.  The volunteer coordinator will recruit and coordinate that base.  During the festival, the volunteer coordinator is responsible with placing volunteers into shifts according to the needs of the other coordinators.

Logistical Director - This position regards coordination of festival materials.  This person is responsible for securing and preparing food (with volunteers), soliciting designs and creating merchandise and signage, finding tables/chairs/etc and coordinating the transportation of all of the above.   

Contact Festival Director Calla Hummel at or (206) 930-0525.

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